FREE shipping on your first order within the European Union*

We know that placing your first order on a new e-commerce site may be uncomfortable. Will I get my order? Will it be fresh, original product?

Fortunately, with Vitamin360 Distribution you don't have to worry about such things. Let us prove it to you!

We think that a good business cooperation is based on a high quality products with high quality service. So for your very first order within the European Union*, we will pay the shipping. *Excluding Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Crete and other Greek islands.

It is just our way of saying thank you for becoming our valued customer.


Vitamin360 Distribution offers FREE shipping on your first order within the EU*. This offer applies to initial orders only, and is for the basic freight charge only. It does not include other costs that may be associated with getting your product to you, such as in-transit storage charges from the transport company, and other ancillary charges.

Please note if you do remove your first order for some reason we do have a right to reject your request for the free shipping method with your second order! If you do have a standard reason for removing your first order, please contact with Vitamin360 Distribution customer service!

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