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Beware of shady distributors selling big name American brands at unusually low prices.  The products may be counterfeit!


There are certain things distributors can do to offer the lowest prices. They can buy more volume which gives them a better discount from the manufacturer. They can ship more volume to get a lower shipping rate. They can cut storage costs, they can cut their margins, but there are limits to what can be done! If you see a distributor selling big name American brands at prices MUCH lower than everybody else, does this mean the distributor has found a secret source of supply that nobody else knows about? Highly unlikely. There are no such secrets in the supplement game. BEWARE...that distributor may be cheating you with fake or doctored products.



There is a saying in America that you get what you pay for. In other words a too-cheap price  usually means cheap quality. Do you REALLY believe you can buy a Ferrari for the price of a Volkswagen? If you want the real thing .... fresh, genuine and truly effective products, only deal with distributors you can TRUST. offers ONLY the highest quality, bona fide products purchased directly from the manufacturers, or their exclusive master distributors. In other words, we deal only with TRUSTWORTHY sources, and we stand by our products 100%! Beware of shady distributors and absurdly low prices!


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