We knew that the high price of whey has supplement manufacturers looking for alternate protein sources, but is the bodybuilding and fitness crowd ready for protein bars made from insects? We may soon find out.

A U.S. company called EXO has raised, via crowdfunding, just under $50,000 USD to start production of a protein bar made with crickets. The company roasts whole crickets, and then grinds the bodies into a fine flour, which is then made into a bar with all-natural cacao, almonds, coconut, dates and honey. There will be about 25 crickets per 65 gram bar, and the bars will be 15% protein by weight. Retail price in the U.S. is supposed to be approximately 2.80 USD (2.00 EUR). The company hopes to be in commercial production by October, 2013. According to EXO data, crickets are a complete protein source, contain more dry weight protein than beef or chicken breast, and are high in iron and calcium. Taste tests of the prototype bars at fitness events in the U.S. have been very positive.

In terms of a sustainable, environmentally friendly protein source, bugs make a lot of sense, and are already consumed in many countries in Asia and Africa. But are consumers in U.S.A. and Europe ready for it? The success of the EXO protein bar will be an indication. Check out the link:!

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