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The story of Swanson began in 1969, when a man with a passion for golf was looking to lessen his joint pain. He set off on a journey into the world of natural supplements and health research, nurturing a deep commitment to wellness and life-long vitality. This commitment grew into a mission to share pure and potent health products directly with others, at a great value.

50 years later, Swanson Health continues to innovate science-backed vitamins and supplements, delivering wellness solutions that help people live simply healthier together. Let’s see a couple cornerstone of Swanson’s quality standard.

Testing for Purity and Potency - All products received from the suppliers and contract manufacturers are tested for finished product label claims using an independent third-party lab.

NSF & GMP Certification – National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent, accredited organization that develops standards and tests and certifies products and systems. The NSF mark is a recognized symbol for its value in international trade around the world and is respected by regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that provide a framework for developing quality systems that ensure products will meet the requirements for identity, strength, composition, quality and purity. GMPs cover issues such as employee hygiene, facility cleanliness, food safety, sanitation practices, documentation practices and much more.

Awards – Swanson is thrilled to have won a host of awards throughout the past few years to confirm that we are among the best of the best.

  • 2017 - Top Rated award for Calcium Products Based on Customer Satisfaction
  • 2016 - Top Rated CoQ10 product for all Swanson® brand CoQ10 products
  • 2015 - Top Rated award for a Catalog/Internet Brand Based on Customer Satisfaction
  • 2014 & 2013 - Top Rated Catalog/Internet Merchant
  • 2013 - Lee Swanson Signature Line Ultimate Probiotic Formula received an "Approved" rating from for total organisms, dosage and non-contamination. OmegaActiv™ Super DPA Fish Oil from Swanson EFAs named the winner of the SupplySide Insight Award in the omega-3 category.
  • 2012 - Two supplements—Swanson EFAs Super EPA Fish Oil and Swanson EFAs 100% Pure Krill Oil—received an "Approved" rating for purity, quality, freshness and enteric-coating performance from
  • 2011 - Swanson Premium Brand Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) softgels received an "Approved" rating from for potency and absence of potential lead contamination.
    Swanson Premium High Potency Vitamin D-3 received an "Approved" rating from for label accuracy, purity of product and the ability to break down and be absorbed.
    Swanson Superior Herbs Curcumin Complex received an "Approved" rating from, as well as the distinction of "Best Value."
  • 2010 - Swanson Ultra Resveratrol 250 received an "Approved" rating by
    Swanson Premium Super Stress B-Complex with Vitamin C received an "Approved" status from
    Swanson EFAs Super EPA Fish Oil earned the status of "Approved Quality" from, found to be offering the best dollar value.
  • 2009 Swanson Premium Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols passed the test for correct amounts and forms as represented in their labeling.
    Swanson Superior Herbs Acaí Berry Extract passed the test for contamination limits for chlorinated pesticides and heavy metals, as well as undeclared stimulants.
    Swanson Premium Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and Swanson Ultra Timed-Release Glucosamine and Chondroitin both passed's test of joint health supplements for correct amounts of ingredients as stated on labels and lead contamination. The MSM in each was additionally tested for DMSO contamination.
    Swanson Premium Daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral passed's test of multivitamin supplements for ingredient amounts as listed on the bottle, amounts of lead, and for proper disintegration of the product.
    Swanson Ultra CoQ10 passed's test of CoQ10 supplements for ingredient amounts as listed on the bottle.

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