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It has long been known that Vitamin D is vital for strong and healthy bones as it plays an important role in calcium metabolism. Studies over the last few years have indicated that Vitamin D may also be a much more important regulator for immune and endocrine system function than previously thought.

A study by researchers at the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, U.S.A., published late last year, suggests another function Vitamin D may have in the metabolism - preserving and maintaining muscular strength.

The researchers examined the relationship between Vitamin D and arm and leg strength in more than 400 adults. After controlling for things like gender, age, body mass index, blood pressure, resting heart rate, activity level, and seasonality factors, researchers found that subjects with higher Vitamin D levels also had greater muscle strength, particularly in the arms. Adequate Vitamin D levels appear to be important for promoting muscular power output, although the researchers did say that more study is needed to establish a definitive connection.


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