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Fresh Mutant stock is now available for online ordering. The basic price of Mutant Mass 15 lb size has been cut, so that now, at the top discount level, the best wholesale price for this product is an INCREDIBLE 49.13 USD!

As well, Mutant Mass 15 lbs is available in 2 AMAZING new flavors - chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter chocolate.

A number of new Mutant products have arrived such as Pump, Rage and Mutant’s advanced recovery product Rehab. With BCAAs, creatine, waxy maize, electrolytes, glucosamine sulfate, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and more in a single powder, there is not another product on the planet like Rehab.

Mutant Whey 5 lbs is in STOCK, including the new flavor - Extreme Strawberry Cream! Mutant Whey is also available in the new 10 lb size in all three flavors - Triple Chocolate Eruption, Vanilla Bean Infusion and Xtreme Strawberry Cream!

In the past, Mutant stocks have sold out don’t wait! ORDER NOW, while stocks and selection are at their best!

Leave Humanity Behind with MUTANT!

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