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A new shipment of Mutant is expected to arrive at our warehouse on 5th September 2012. If you pre-order NOW, we will reduce the basic price of Mutant Mass 15 lb size by an additional 3%. Offer valid on arriving stock ONLY! As well, Mutant Mass 15 lbs will be available in 2 AMAZING new flavors - chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter chocolate.

The shipment will include a number of new Mutant products such as Mayhem, Pump, Rehab and Rage! Mutant Whey 5 lbs will be in STOCK! New flavor - Extreme Strawberry Cream! Mutant Whey will also be available in the new 10 lb size in all three flavors - Triple Chocolate Eruption, Vanilla Bean Infusion and Xtreme Strawberry Cream!

In the past, Mutant stocks have sold out don’t wait! PRE-ORDER NOW, while stocks and selection are at their best! Please use the PRE-ORDER tab to place your pre-order.

Leave Humanity Behind with MUTANT!

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